Honey cupcakes

http://www.mylifept.com/?refriwerator=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-kostenlos-testen&94e=2c binäre optionen kostenlos testen Enjoy the sweetness of honey in every bite 🙂

http://laprovence.sk/familjarnosty/3782 It was during my college days that I got to have the first taste of a Honey cake. We were a group of 5 besties and used to carry along any spl. treats made at home. One of the girl’s happened to bring with her a honey cake made by her mom and it was such a hit among us, so much so that we literally bickered for the final bits and pieces. 🙂 Continue reading “Honey cupcakes”


Scottish shortbread biscuits

go to link Take a shortbread break !!

rencontres gratuites 41 If you are a baking newbie and is in the search of an easy recipe to bake, this is your answer. Here is an easy and fool-proof shortbread biscuit that could be prepped and baked in less than half an hour.
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Caramel custard pudding

enter A melt in the mouth Custard….

http://bossons-fute.fr/?fimerois=site-de-rencontres-avec-photos-gratuit&083=1f I lo….ve eggs – undoubtedly a baker’s best friend. It imparts body and flavour to almost anything it is added to. I in fact start panicking when the supply of eggs in my pantry starts to reduce. Continue reading “Caramel custard pudding”


Strawberry Choco chip Muffins

http://huntersneeds.net/rigaro/2421 Its Muffin time….. 🙂

buy Pregabalin 75 mg capsule This is yet another mid-evening snack that is close to my heart. It is that time of a day when I love to have something yummy and filling and this perfectly slides into that category.  Continue reading “Strawberry Choco chip Muffins”


Pressure Cooker baking tips

http://inter-actions.fr/bilobrusuy/4460 Baking made easy

Trading CFDs and/or see url involves significant risk of capital loss. Cakes & Cookies were my weakness since a very young age.  I find the aroma of the freshly baked cakes and breads super refreshing and it energizes me many folds. Continue reading “Pressure Cooker baking tips”