Instant Microwave Chocolate Cake

source Yummy chocolate surprise 😉

rencontre homme riche quebec

source link Today it’s an Instant microwave chocolate cake that I’m gonna make, as memories from the childhood flood my mind. Continue reading “Instant Microwave Chocolate Cake”

Moist wholewheat carrot cake

hombre solo y triste Give these carrot yumfills a try !!

source link My lo’s birthday was coming up and I was thinking of making something that he would love by all means. I was brushing up my mind for ideas on birthday cakes and delicacies and was thinking of all those birthday parties I had attended till date. I was on the look out for something a little different from the normal fancy birthday cakes. Continue reading “Moist wholewheat carrot cake”


Nutty date choco bars fare training finanziario A healthy sweet indulgence

What is that which makes a li’l one come running over…?? Something that will not require any kind of compulsion to make them have. Mmmmmm…What say if it is something that looks like chocolate and tastes like one too. I doubt if any kid could ever resist that. 🙂 Continue reading “Nutty date choco bars”