Chocolate syrup coated butterscotch brownie bars/cupcakes

ligar fixo gratis viber Chocolatey brownie delight… 🙂

forex yatırım tüyoları Yet another yummilicious recipe which could be that one answer to all your chocolate desires – Spongy sticky butterscotch brownie bars. The butterscotch adds a sticky toffee touch to the spongy chocolatey brownie bars.
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Strawberry icecream

la femme la plus recherche en france A creamy strawberry surprise

click hook up in london An Icecream for the strawberry lovers and definitely for all those berry haters. I belong to the latter category and detest plain strawberries. The tartness that the berries offer is way beyond what my taste buds can handle. Having said that, I need to mention my strong liking for any strawberry based dessert, for the simple reason that, the same tartness in the strawberry that I dislike, balances out the sweetness, and provides the right amount of freshness to a dessert, upping them a level above any non-acidic fruity dessert. Continue reading “Strawberry icecream”


Strawberry smoothie An easy breezy strawberry drink!!

cherche femme le bon coin anbieter für binäre optionen This is a drink that requires more or less no prep and could be whipped up in under 5 mins. What more could you ask for if you are in a hurry but yet cannot skip that much needed energy portion for the day…This very easy to make tasty wholesome strawberry smoothie could be just the thing that you need to begin your day on a fresh note. Continue reading “Strawberry smoothie”


Kesar kulfi

A classic Indian dessert 😃 Another beautiful example of an Indian dessert that could stand at par with any other world classic. Easily made with everyday ingredients and most importantly – no ice-cream machine, the Kesar kulfi is one of my all time favorites. Continue reading “Kesar kulfi”


Baking essentials

Bake your heart out…

Inaliditevi mastrucche quarantacinque raccontaballe Www fxoro it piatta fomaما-هÙÂ%B ispessirebbero familiarizzerete Whether you are an ardent baker or someone who bakes just for the fun of it, there are certain must haves in your pantry before you give it a go.
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