Honey spice cake

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c-date rencontre avis Previously I have posted the recipe of honey cupcakes that has just a hint of honey going on in each bite. Today I’m gonna share the recipe for Honey spice cake, with a spongy center n a dash of spices that pack a punch every time u take a bite. Continue reading “Honey spice cake”


Bhapa doi – Quintessential Bengali dessert

http://plugwayapp.com/?biznes=site-de-rencontre-s%D0%93%C2%A9rieux-au-maroc&a72=28 A yumm…dessert for Diwali….

http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/605 A treat that truly reflects the world of Bengali sweet decadence. Something between a milk cake and pudding, the Bhapa doi is a creamy rich indulgent dessert. One of the finest delicacy from the sweet land of Bengal. Continue reading “Bhapa doi – Quintessential Bengali dessert”


Semiya payasam

go to site Easy Yummy porridge..

follow link Last few weeks were pretty hectic with festivals, celebration, family get togethers n I hardly got any blog time. N when things got back to routine, I was left thinking wat do I post this week. Opened my recipe diary, n these lies my favorite payasam recipe ” Semiya payasam “- easy on the tummy n very pleasing on the palate.. 🙂 Continue reading “Semiya payasam”