Besan barfi

Quick cook yummy Besan barfi

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Besan (Gram flour) is one of the most versatile ingredients that fits easily both in the sweet as well as savoury world. Right from yummy bhajjis to delectable Mysore pak, this is a magical ingredient that overpowers every other thing that goes into the dish.

Today it’s the recipe for Besan barfi that I’m gonna share here. With very few raw materials, this is an easy dessert/snack option which could completely satisfy ur sweet craving n answer those hunger pangs.

So make the li’l ones at home super happy with this quick cook yummy n healthy besan barfi.


  • Besan -200 gms.
  • Ghee -190 ml.
  • Semolina -80 gms.
  • Powdered sugar -150 gms.
  • Cardamom powder – To taste
  • Almonds slivered – For garnish

Recipe steps

  1. Take Ghee in a non stick pan.
  2. IMG 20190228 104005 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfi
  3. Slightly melt the ghee n add besan and semolina to it.
  4. IMG 20190228 104043 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfiIMG 20190228 104103 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfi
  5. Thoroughly mix the dry ingredients with the ghee and let it combine well.
  6. IMG 20190228 104224 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfiIMG 20190228 104421 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfiIMG 20190228 104543 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfiIMG 20190228 105034 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfi
  7. When the raw smell of Besan n semolina is no more, add powdered sugar n cardamom to this.
  8. IMG 20190228 105131 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfi
  9. Mix thoroughly n do not worry if it forms lumps. 
  10. IMG 20190228 105351 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfi
  11. Transfer the Besan barfi to a greased square pan and even out to get a smooth finish.
  12. IMG 20190228 105716 300x225 - Besan barfiIMG 20190228 105912 300x225 - Besan barfi
  13. Spread the slivered almonds to give a finishing touch and lightly press the garnishings onto the surface of the barfi.
  14. IMG 20190228 110134 300x225 - Besan barfi
  15. Rest for a couple of hours till it slightly hardens, and then divide into even pieces.
  16. IMG 20190228 123858 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfi
  17. Store at room temperature.
  18. IMG 20190301 093605 HDR 300x225 - Besan barfi

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