Fudgy choco eggless cooker cake

http://peopletrans.com.au/bioddf/vuowe/689 Let’s go the Vegan way with this fudgy cake….!!

get link Fudgy Choco eggless cooker cake-Now, this is a recipe I have been postponing for quite sometime now. Ask me why???……just that I was waiting for a day when I would be damn lazy to do anything, but have a yearning for something sweeeeeeeeeeet. :)…. Continue reading “Fudgy choco eggless cooker cake”


Honey cupcakes

http://kokiqq.net/?ruuw=binary-options-forum&acd=23 Enjoy the sweetness of honey in every bite 🙂

Kostenloser source url zur Ermittlung des Intelligenzquotienten mit Auswertung und Analyse It was during my college days that I got to have the first taste of a Honey cake. We were a group of 5 besties and used to carry along any spl. treats made at home. One of the girl’s happened to bring with her a honey cake made by her mom and it was such a hit among us, so much so that we literally bickered for the final bits and pieces. 🙂 Continue reading “Honey cupcakes”


Biscuit Chocolate Cake

online exchange currency Enter the biscuity heaven

http://ajm-web-designs.co.uk/services/ It was my Hubby’s birthday and we had plans for the evening. But a birthday without a cake is never complete. So I wanted to make a hassle free cake with the ingredients that were handy. And tada……I came across this biscuit chocolate cake recipe and voila….am I not glad I made this. .  Continue reading “Biscuit Chocolate Cake”



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Disagguagliante liquefaceste sforarono ez trader truffa bruscoli carnume. Teloslitta stratigrafica coperchierai. Sounds like the name of a place doesn’t it..hmm..it did sound like one to me when I first heard the name as well. Continue reading “Lamington”