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This recipe takes me back to my school days when I happened to taste my first cashew macaroon. A dear friend of mine back from summer vacation had got a bunch of macaroons from her hometown. I loved these tiny shell shaped delights at the very first sight. And when I got to have them, it was just sheer delight. 🙂 

When small, I always thought it was butter that formed the outer body of a macaroon imparting it that divine snowy appearance. 😀 And when I did get to know that it’s egg that takes the form of fluffy shells, it left me mesmerized; it was something that left me puzzled for a while. I couldn’t imagine how that could ever be possible until I saw my friend baking macaroons at her place. I was elated to see how something that looked so technically tough, be made so easily at home. 🙂

These are melt in the mouth crumbly treats that even to this day, I enjoy the very same way as I enjoyed the first time I had them. A little time and attention is all what macaroons require. So enjoy baking cashew macaroons with this simple recipe.

Cashew macaroons recipe

Prep time: 15 mins.; Cooking time: 60 mins.
Serves: 15 nos.

( Have taken 1 cup=250 ml.)

* Egg – 1 (white)
* Cashew powdered – 3/4th cup
* Caster sugar – 1 1/3rd cup
* Nutmeg- 1/4 tsp.


* Take the egg white in a bowl.
* Whip till it forms soft peaks.
* Add caster sugar and nutmeg at this point.
* Continue whipping till stiff peaks form.
* Now add cashew powder to the foamed egg white.
* Fold slowly to incorporate cashew powder completely into the egg white.
* Fill a piping bag with the macaroon dough.
* Pipe on to a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
* Bake in a pre-heated oven at 90C for 60 mins./ till the macaroons could be easily separated from the parchment paper.
* Keep aside till the cashew macaroons cool completely.
* Once it reaches room temperature, store in an airtight container.


* Every stage of making a macaroon is crucial. Both over whipping and under whipping could spoil the macaroon.
* Once the dough is ready, immediately transfer to the piping bag and on to the baking tray for baking.
* You could use cardamom in place of nutmeg. I prefer the woody flavour of nutmeg over cardamom.

Recipe steps:

1. Ingredients at a glance.

IMG 20161216 134042 1 300x222 - Cashew macaroon
2. Take egg white in a bowl.

Cashew macaroon
3. Whip till it reaches a soft peak consistency.

Cashew macaroonCashew macaroon
4. Add caster sugar and nutmeg.

Cashew macaroon
5. Continue whipping till it forms stiff peaks.

Cashew macaroonCashew macaroon
6. Slowly add cashew powder and fold into the egg white.

Cashew macaroonCashew macaroonCashew macaroon
7. Fill a piping bag with this macaroon dough.

Cashew macaroonCashew macaroon
8. Pipe macaroons on a parchment paper lined baking tray.

Cashew macaroon
9. Bake at 90C for 60 mins./till the macaroons easily move away from the baking paper.

Cashew macaroon


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