Chocolate fudge

Yummy chocolatey indulgence.. Another favorite delicacy with kids… The Chocolate fudge. Easy to make and so easy to satisfy and bring a smile on the little faces. Get ur little one’s help on this one and enjoy seeing them do all the messy chocolatey job for u. 😉 😉 

go to link Chocolate fudge recipe Ingredients: Method:

Recipe steps :

    1. Mix milk powder and cocoa powder in a bowl.Chocolate fudge
    2. Bring water and sugar to a boil.Chocolate fudgeChocolate fudge
    3. Once it boils for a while, add in butter and bring again to a boil.Chocolate fudgeChocolate fudge
    4. Remove from the heat and add the dry mix and vanilla extract.Chocolate fudge
    5. Whisk well and pour it into a greased cake tin.Chocolate fudgeChocolate fudge
    6. Once cool, cut into desired shapes.Chocolate fudge

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