Coffee Ice-cream

Refreshing Coffee Ice-cream..

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It was during my Engineering days that I first tasted the most luscious n creamy Coffee Ice-cream. It was infact a Chocolate milkshake topped with a scoop of delicious Coffee Ice cream.

Although it’s been more than a decade since then, my love for Coffee Ice-cream has stayed on. Never a Coffee person, but always a Coffee Ice-cream person.😁

This is the recipe for Ice-cream by making a basic Anglaise n adding the needed flavour. The Coffee syrup could be replaced with whichever flavour Ice-cream is needed.

A perfect Anglaise makes the perfect Ice-cream. I have churned my Anglaise in an Ice-cream maker, although it could be blended in a mixer as well.

Basic Anglaise calls for the usage of heavy cream. I have used fresh cream instead as I dint have heavy cream. So here goes the recipe for yummy Coffee Ice-cream.

Coffee Ice-cream recipe


  • Egg yolk – 3 Nos.
  • Sugar – 1/4 cup ( 55 gms.)
  • Fresh cream – 250 ml.(Used Amul fresh cream)
  • Milk – 1/3 cup( 85 gms. )
  • Thick Coffee syrup – 1 tbsp.( Made by mixing instant coffee Powder in water)
  • Vanilla essence – 1 tsp.
  • Salt – 1 pinch

Recipe steps:

  1. Take egg yolks, sugar n vanilla essence in a mixing bowl. Whisk till creamy.
  2. IMG 20200514 112232 300x225 - Coffee Ice-creamIMG 20200514 120413 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream
  3. Add Coffee decoction n whisk further.
  4. IMG 20200514 120528 300x225 - Coffee Ice-creamIMG 20200514 120727 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream
  5. Add milk n cream to a saucepan n heat this up until it is just hot.
  6. IMG 20200514 121535 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream
  7. Pour this hot milk-cream solution to the egg-mix n whisk. 
  8. IMG 20200514 121950 300x225 - Coffee Ice-creamIMG 20200514 122051 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream
  9. Transfer this Ice-cream base back into a pan n onto the heat. Cook this on the lowest heat with continuous stirring with a wooden spatula. When it gets heated up n steam starts coming from the sides just before boiling, remove from heat n strain. On running the finger over the spatula a clear line is formed as shown in the pic. Do not allow it to boil, else the egg would get cooked n will curdle the mix.
  10. IMG 20200514 122420 300x225 - Coffee Ice-creamIMG 20200514 122935 300x225 - Coffee Ice-creamIMG 20200514 122946 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream
  11. Strain this into a glass bowl n keep it refrigerated.
  12. IMG 20200514 123014 300x225 - Coffee Ice-creamIMG 20200514 123410 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream
  13. Once cool, blend in a mixer or churn in an Ice-cream maker. Further transfer into an Ice-cream tub n freeze for couple of hours.
  14. IMG 20200514 151157 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream
  15. Remove from the freezer n blend once again in a mixer n transfer back into the tub. If using Ice-cream maker, just scrape the surface using a fork(as shown in pic.) to remove any Ice crystals formed n continue with freezing. 
  16. IMG 20200515 163208 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream
  17. Freeze overnight for best results.
  18. IMG 20200515 141956 300x225 - Coffee Ice-creamIMG 20200515 103527 300x225 - Coffee Ice-cream


  • The milk-cream soln. should not be boiled. It should just be heated before adding to the egg mix.
  • While heating the egg-milk mix, keep stirring n keep an eye on the consistency n steam that forms. It will get a little thicker than cream n it’ll start steaming. Immediately remove from heat n strain to a glass bowl. Cooking beyond this point will lead to curdling of the Ice-cream base.


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