Creamy biscuit milkshake

Beat the heat with this yummy milkshake..

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This has got to be the easiest milk shake that u could ever whip up. If you have any variety of cream biscuit, this one could be made.

Summer at its peak n it’s time to have those favourite cold shakes. So here’s one for u…enjoy..

Creamy biscuit milkshake


  • Milk chilled/frozen- 1 cup ( 250 ml.)
  • Bourbon biscuits – 8-9 nos.
  • Fresh cream – 2 tbsp.
  • Brown sugar – 2 tbsp.( Or white sugar – 1 tbsp.) Adjust as per sweet preference

Recipe steps:

  1. Take bourbon biscuits n separate the cream from each one.
  2. IMG 20200426 141228 300x225 - Creamy biscuit milkshake
  3. Add fresh cream to the biscuit cream and double boil to get a smooth chocolate ganache. I have used the fresh cream separated from milk n not the store bought one. I store fresh cream in the freezer, n hence the texture.
  4. IMG 20200426 141649 300x225 - Creamy biscuit milkshakeIMG 20200426 141850 300x225 - Creamy biscuit milkshake
  5.  Now add chilled/frozen milk to a mixer along with sugar and bourbon biscuits. Whip till smooth.
  6. IMG 20200426 142256 300x225 - Creamy biscuit milkshakeIMG 20200503 223235 300x225 - Creamy biscuit milkshake
  7.  Take serving glass n pour the biscuit milk shake .Top up with the chocolate ganache that we made earlier. Refrigerate till the time to serve. I have used shot glasses n lined them with ganach all around before pouring the drink. Hence the colour.
  8. IMG 20200427 005313 300x225 - Creamy biscuit milkshake

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