Double Chocolate cupcakes

A treat for all Chocolate lovers..

IMG 20200917 143646 - Double Chocolate cupcakes

I have few friends who ask why it’s always dark chocolate in my recipes n never semi-sweet or white. That’s just my love for pure dark chocolate that makes me add it to any dessert possible.😊 So this one is for all those friends who hate dark chocolate n have a soft spot for the sweeter versions.

This is the recipe for easy to make Double chocolate cupcakes when Ur in a Serious chocolate mood. The cake in combo with cream cheese-chocolate Frosting is the perfect way to treat the chocolate lovers.

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Double chocolate cupcakes

( 1 cup – 250ml.,1 tbsp – 15 ml.,1 tsp.- 5 ml.)

  • Unsalted butter – 45 gms.( 3tbsp. approx.)
  • All purpose flour – 1/2 + 1/8 cup
  • Super fine sugar – 1/4 cup
  • Semi sweet chocolate chips – 1/6 cup
  • Cocoa powder – 1/8 cup
  • Egg – 1 No.
  • Milk – 2 tbsp.
  • Baking powder – 1 tsp.
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp.


  • Cream cheese – 50 gms.
  • White chocolate – 75 gms.

Recipe steps

  1. Sieve the dry ingredients flour, Cocoa powder, baking powder n salt in a mixing bowl n mix to combine.
  2. IMG 20200911 WA0006 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  3. Take egg in another small bowl n whisk lightly n keep aside.
  4. IMG 20200911 WA0030 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakesIMG 20200911 WA0029 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  5. In a larger bowl whip together butter n sugar to make a creamy base.
  6. IMG 20200911 WA0027 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakesIMG 20200911 WA0026 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  7. To this add the beaten egg n whip till well combined.
  8. IMG 20200911 WA0025 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakesIMG 20200911 WA0024 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  9. Slowly add in the dry mix n milk in small batches n fold the batter till no floury patches remain.
  10. IMG 20200911 WA0023 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakesIMG 20200911 WA0022 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakesIMG 20200911 WA0021 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakesIMG 20200911 WA0007 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  11. Finally dunk in the delicious chocolate chips 😋 n bring the batter together.
  12. IMG 20200911 WA0019 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakesIMG 20200911 WA0018 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  13. Transfer small scoops of the cupcake batter into lined muffin moulds.
  14. IMG 20200911 WA0017 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  15. Bake at 180C for for 20-25mins. till the cake is springy to touch.
  16. IMG 20200911 WA0014 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  17. Now to make the frosting melt the white chocolate by double boiling (or microwave). Once cool add the cream cheese n whisk till smooth. We r not looking at a piping consistency so the frosting needn’t be thick.
  18. IMG 20200911 WA0012 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes
  19. Pour the Icing over the cake n let it stand till the Icing sets. Serve immediately or refrigerated.
  20. IMG 20200917 143646 300x225 - Double Chocolate cupcakes

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