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Sounds like the name of a place doesn’t did sound like one to me when I first heard the name as well.

It was a couple of years back at a toddler’s birthday party that I happened to get the first taste of this Australian sweet treat. A table full of delicious treats – pastries, cookies, brownies, macaroons and….something that looked cakey and snow-flaky. Something I hadn’t seen before. A closer look and I could see the coconuty outer layer and with one bite I could clearly taste the chocolatey flavour coming through…so that’s what it was – A Cake covered in a beautiful cocoon of chocolate and coconut. I asked my friend (the party host) what the sweet was and she said it’s a Lamington… I lost my track right there…had never heard the name even once. Further research gave me all the needed info. about the Cakey Lamington. Since then I have been making them so often. Whenever I bake a cake, a portion of it goes into making the Lamingtons. So here’s the way I do the Lamingtons at home –

Lamington Recipe

Prep time: 10 mins.


  • Sponge Cake – cut into small cubes *
  • Demerara Sugar – 40 gms*
  • Cocoa powder – 10 gms
  • Butter – 1 tbsp.
  • Hot water – 50 ml.
  • Desiccated coconut – For coating


  • Take the sponge cake and cut them into small square pieces.
  • Mix the Demerara sugar, Cocoa powder and Butter in a bowl.
  • Add hot water to this and stir well to mix everything together.
  • Keep this concoction aside.
  • Spread the Desiccated Coconut in a tray.
  • Dip the cake pieces thoroughly in the Sugar-Cocoa mix and roll in the Coconut spread.
  • Keep all the coated Cake pieces on a wire rack till it sets.
  • Serve as a dessert or with tea.


  • Though Sponge cake is traditionally used for this recipe, you could very well try with other varieties of plain cakes.
  • It is preferable to use a cake that is refrigerated for 4-5 hrs. This makes the cake pieces sturdy and less powdery.
  • Normal sugar could be used in place of Demerara sugar. I just love the zing that Demerara sugar gives to the Cocoa-Butter syrup.


Recipe Steps:

1. Mix the Demerara Sugar, Cocoa Powder & Butter in a bowl. Make a concoction by adding water to this.


2.  Spread the desiccated coconut in a tray.


3.  Dip the cake pieces thoroughly in the Sugar-Cocoa mix and roll in the Coconut spread.


4.  Place the coated cake pieces on a wire rack till it sets.


5.  Serve the Lamingtons with tea or as a dessert.




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