Mango Ice-cream

le top 10 des sites de rencontre en ligne en 2011 Create the “Mango Magic” with this delicious Ice-cream

source It feels good to wake up on a happy note especially when the summer is at its peak. Oh my am I not sweating even while writing this.. Hmm…Yup it was a day when I woke up all bright and shiny.. Wanted to make something for the upcoming weekend and well…I was in a great mood to make almost anything…Mango is what came to my mind instantly.

watch Summer comes and brings along all the seasonal fruits, the most widely available one being the Mango – definitely the King of fruits. Whether that be in the form of Juices or Shakes or Ice-cream, Mango always has its special spot.

je cherche une femme pour mariage a tlemcen So… I thought why not make my favourite Mango Ice-cream…. yummm….


Intraday trading without charts Mango Ice-cream Recipe

 Prep time: 20 mins Ingredients

  • Mango – 1 No.*
  • Fresh cream – 200ml.
  • Sugar – 100 gms*
  • Vanilla extract – 1 tsp.

sie sucht ihn marburg Method

  • Peel and cut the Mango into small pieces. 
  • Freeze these cut pieces at least for half an hour. 
  • Keep the fresh cream in the freezer till it is thick.
  • Purée the frozen Mango pieces without any lumps. 
  • Now whip the cream with an electric beater till the texture is creamy. 
  • At this point add sugar. 
  • Take a bowl with few ice cubes. 
  • Now keep the mixing bowl with cream and sugar on the ice bowl and continue whipping. 
  • Whip till the mix becomes very smooth and creamy and starts to hold its shape. 
  • To this add the Mango purée and vanilla extract. 
  • Fold the mixture till a uniform colour is obtained. 
  • Pour the mix into an airlock contained and freeze for 3-4 hours. 
  • Take the semi-set ice-cream out and whip it for a minute to remove any ice crystals formed on the surface. 
  • Pour it back into the airlock contained and freeze overnight for the best result.


  • I have used Alphonso Mango for this recipe. Any variety of sweet and fleshy Mango could be used.
  • Sugar quantity should be varied depending on the sweetness of the Mango.
  • For the best result, keep the mixing bowl and beater blades in the freezer for an hour before starting the process.


source site Recipe Steps:

1.  Peel and dice the Mango.

Mango Ice-cream

2.  Puree the frozen Mango pieces without any lumps.

Mango Ice-cream

3.  Remove the fresh cream from the freezer and whip till it becomes creamy.

Mango Ice-creamMango Ice-cream

4.  Now add sugar and continue whipping with the mixing bowl placed over the ice bowl.

Mango Ice-creamMango Ice-cream

5.  Add Mango puree and Vanilla extract and fold well to get a uniform colour.

Mango Ice-creamMango Ice-cream

6.  Pour into an airtight container and freeze for 3-4 hours. Then take the semi-set Ice-cream out and whip again to   remove any Ice crystals formed on the surface. Pour it back into the airtight container and freeze overnight for the best result.

Mango Ice-cream

7.  Serve the Mango Ice-cream with a dressing of honey, cocoa powder or the toppings of your choice.



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