Oaty caramel surprise

Delish delish all the way….😋😋

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This is a crunchy n gooey biscuit chocolate that’ll take u by surprise rite with the first bite. Though it looks just chocolatey, the hidden oat n caramel layers make it a delicious treat.

I have used aluminium foil to make a cupcake mould. So this is an easy to assemble quick to make biscuit treat. You could also use cupcake liners or If u do not have aluminium foil with u, this could be made even in a cake tin n cut into squares/bars.

This was a favourite at parties during my Mumbai days n one of the best sold item. So let’s c how to do it. ??

Oaty caramel surprise

( 1 cup – 250 ml.)
Base layer
Unsalted butter – 38 gms.(1/6th cup approx.)
Brown sugar – 1/6 cup
Rolled Oats – 1/4 cup
All purpose flour – 1/2 cup

Caramel layer
Unsalted butter – 2 tbsp.
Brown sugar – 2 tbsp.
Condensed milk – 3/4 cup

Chocolate layer
Dark chocolate – 100 gms.
White chocolate – For piping design (Optional)

Makes approx. 11 biscuit treats.

Recipe steps

    1. First let us get the foil cups ready by cutting square pieces of aluminium foil n inserting into each muffin mould to get cup shape.
    2. IMG 20200819 134818 300x225 - Oaty caramel surpriseIMG 20200818 165354 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    3. Take softened butter n whisk the sugar well in this.
    4. IMG 20200819 135007 300x225 - Oaty caramel surpriseIMG 20200819 143512 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    5. To this add flour, oats n mix with a fork or crumble with ur palm to make the biscuit base.
    6. IMG 20200819 143752 300x225 - Oaty caramel surpriseIMG 20200819 143955 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    7. Spread small portions of these crumbles into each foil cup n slightly press down to from an even layer.
    8. IMG 20200819 144452 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    9. Now bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 15-20 mins./ till the base appears slightly golden in colour. Keep this aside n let the biscuit layer cool.
    10. IMG 20200819 WA0059 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    11. Meanwhile let’s make the caramel layer. Add the butter, sugar n condensed milk in a sauce pan n bring to boil.
    12. IMG 20200819 WA0058 300x225 - Oaty caramel surpriseIMG 20200819 WA0081 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    13. the caramel starts leaving the sides of the pan transfer immediately to another bowl. Take ample quantity of the caramel n pour over the biscuit base in the foil cups.
    14. IMG 20200819 WA0079 300x225 - Oaty caramel surpriseIMG 20200819 WA0078 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    15. Now to make the Chocolate layer, melt the chocolate in a double boiler.( I used Amul dark chocolate with 55% cocoa)
    16. IMG 20200819 WA0060 300x225 - Oaty caramel surpriseIMG 20200819 160629 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    17. Pour this over the caramel layer n let it set slightly.
    18. IMG 20200819 161659 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise
    19. Now take the white chocolate, double boil over simmering water. Pipe the melted chocolate over the dark chocolate layer. Serve.
    20. IMG 20200819 WA0077 300x225 - Oaty caramel surpriseIMG 20200819 WA0066 300x225 - Oaty caramel surprise


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