Pressure Cooker baking tips

Baking made easy

Cakes & Cookies were my weakness since a very young age.  I find the aroma of the freshly baked cakes and breads super refreshing and it energizes me many folds.

So this post is for all those people, who love to bake just like me but do not have an OTG. 

Wondering how!!..I am speaking about the humble pressure cooker. You could make the very same yummy cakes in the pressure cooker that you thought possible only in an oven. Learn to bake in a cooker, and a world of yummy cakes, brownies, puddings n cookies get wide open to you.So here is how you need to go about it :

1. Take a Pressure Cooker, Preferably 5 ltrs. or above.

Pressure Cooker baking tips

2. Spread salt evenly at the base of the Cooker. Salt helps to evenly distribute the heat, thus maintaining uniform temperature, as in an oven.

Pressure Cooker baking tips

3. Cover the Cooker with the cooker lid ( Without Gasket ). Keep the Cooker on the lowest heat and pre-heat for 10 mins. Now take the cooker off the heat and keep a small flat bottom container  upside down over the salted surface.

Pressure Cooker baking tips

4. Now keep the filled cake tin (Aluminium) over the container.

Pressure Cooker baking tips

5. Cover the Cooker with the cooker lid ( Without Gasket and without Weight  ), and bake on the lowest heat, for the time mentioned in the recipe / till a skewer inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean.



  • Remember not to use the gasket of the cooker lid, as this could spoil the gasket very easily and make it unusable.
  • Do not keep the Weight on the cooker, as this will not allow the Cake to rise.
  • Fill the Cake tin just half full, to give allowance for further rising.

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