Quick Almond barfi

The perfect Indian festival sweet

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Just 3 ingredients n the perfect treat to celebrate this festive season. This brafi could be made just in a matter of 15 mins. thus making this my go to treat in recent times.

I have used fresh home made Almond meal for this barfi although u could use store bought Almond meal (peeled Almond powder) n stay away from the effort of blanching n powdering Almonds. 

So this one is for all my friends who have been asking me to post a recipe for no-bake quick cook treats. Enjoy..?

Quick Almond barfi recipe


  • Condensed milk – 160 gms.
  • Almond – 90 gms.
  • Dessicated coconut – 10 gms. approx.( For coating)

The above mentioned quantity would make 12 medium sized Almond barfis.

Recipe steps

    1. First the almonds need to be blanched. For that bring water to a rolling boil n add almonds to this n boil for just 1 minute.( Do not boil Almonds for more than 1 minute)
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    3. Drain immediately n clean under running water. The peel of Almond would be shriveled by now n will easily come off.
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    5. Air dry the Almonds. Powder the Almonds finely n store in an airtight jar. This process will take typically atleast half a day to dry out naturally. So if u want to immediately make barfi ( the way I did), move to the next step.
    6. IMG 4694 300x200 - Quick Almond barfi
    7. Alternately, if ur in a hurry just put the Almonds in a non stick pan n dry out all the moisture over the lowest heat. It takes only about a couple of minutes to do this.
    8. IMG 20200803 152534 300x225 - Quick Almond barfiIMG 20200803 152746 300x225 - Quick Almond barfi
    9. Grind the Almonds to a fine powder.
    10. IMG 20200803 153229 300x225 - Quick Almond barfi
    11. Transfer to a non-stick pan along with condensed milk.
    12. IMG 20200806 142429 300x225 - Quick Almond barfi
    13. Simmer on the lowest heat for approx.8-10 mins. till the barfi separates into a mass n doesn’t stick any more to the pan.
    14. IMG 20200806 142536 300x225 - Quick Almond barfiIMG 20200806 142644 300x225 - Quick Almond barfiIMG 20200806 142914 300x225 - Quick Almond barfiIMG 20200806 143523 300x225 - Quick Almond barfiIMG 20200806 143543 300x225 - Quick Almond barfi
    15. Remove the pan from heat n while still in the pan cut into equal sized portions.
    16. IMG 20200806 143746 300x225 - Quick Almond barfiIMG 20200806 143956 300x225 - Quick Almond barfi
    17. Take dessicated coconut in a bowl n put the barfi roundles into it. Coat all over with coconut. Serve.
    18. IMG 20200806 144157 300x225 - Quick Almond barfiIMG 20200806 144321 300x225 - Quick Almond barfiIMG 20200806 164158 300x225 - Quick Almond barfi






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