Strawberry smoothie

An easy breezy strawberry drink!!

see url This is a drink that requires more or less no prep and could be whipped up in under 5 mins. What more could you ask for if you are in a hurry but yet cannot skip that much needed energy portion for the day…This very easy to make tasty wholesome strawberry smoothie could be just the thing that you need to begin your day on a fresh note. Last week while I was strolling around the nearby street, was surprised to find one of the fruit vendors having large supplies of fresh strawberries. Was so happy to see big cartons of these fresh berries that is not in its peak season, that I bought quite a large portion of them. Had I given a second thought about how long these strawberries would stay fresh, I wouldn’t have bought them in such large nos. Hmmm….anyways having bought them, I had no more excuses to push aside few of those recipes that I wanted to make from quite sometime. So lemme begin my strawberry journey with this simple and easy to make strawberry smoothie. 😉 sistemi trade binario Strawberry smoothie recipe Ingredients:
( Have taken 1 cup=250 ml.) Method:

cheapest nizoral Recipe steps:

  1. Take hulled, washed and sliced strawberries in a mixer jar.
  2. Strawberry smoothieAdd sugar, yogurt, milk and strawberry syrup to the jar.
  3. Strawberry smoothieStrawberry smoothieStrawberry smoothieBlitz to a fine purée. Serve immediately or chilled.Strawberry smoothie

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