Almond Choco Chip Cookie

The perfect accompaniment for a tea break !!

My favourite time of the day is definitely the evening tea break. It has remained so since my school days. On the way back from school, would be excited to see what snack mom would’ve made. It is the same kinda excitement I feel when I think about any sweet treat. Continue reading “Almond Choco Chip Cookie”



Experience joy in every bite of this yummy Brownie.

Brownie!!!   I never will forget the first time I tasted one. It was so yummm that I wanted to immediately bake it at home. But always stayed away from making one thinking that it is gonna be tough to make something so yummy. Surprisingly it turned out to be very easy to make and comes out flawless every time. So I would say this one is definitely for those who are beginners in baking.  Continue reading “Brownie”