Brigadeiro-Brazilian chocolate truffles

follow url Brazilian party treat in your kitchen

enter auto opzioni binarie My chocolate thoughts are beckoning me yet again and it’s time to bring in a chocolatey treat that could easily satisfy my craving. It had to be something that could be readily done without any hassles and well….I dint have to do a lot of research to land upon the recipe for this delectable sweet treat. N when I tried it, turned out to be an instant hit with everyone.
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Whole wheat butter cookie platter

purchase cheap online Seroquel Healthy delicious teatime cookies !!! It’s been a hectic period the past few weeks. Christmas, New year and last but never the least ” my lo’s vacation time ” : site de rencontre Г§a marche ( One has to be on one’s toes with toddlers around. N with the holiday time ahead, you need to keep track of the cookie jars to make sure that it’ll last the intended time. Continue reading “Whole wheat butter cookie platter”


Cocoa coffee cookie coins

go site Satisfy your coffee dreams with these coffee cookies Cocoa and cookie – A match made in heaven. And with a dash of coffee to go with it, you just can’t ask for anything better.  Continue reading “Cocoa coffee cookie coins”


Nutty date choco bars

A healthy sweet indulgence

What is that which makes a li’l one come running over…?? Something that will not require any kind of compulsion to make them have. Mmmmmm…What say if it is something that looks like chocolate and tastes like one too. I doubt if any kid could ever resist that. 🙂 Continue reading “Nutty date choco bars”