Mascarpone Icecream n cashew praline Easy cheesy ice-creamy delight…yumm.. It’s holiday season, and time to head hooooooome…..yay….:D:D. Still a week to go n m on a cleaning spree, for I might find certain half used/unused goodies tucked in some corner, that could go stale by the time I get back. N guess what I did find finally…a pack of frozen unused Mascarpone cheese that I had bought when the summer kicked in. My original plan was to make a Mango cheese cake, for which I had stacked the cream cheese, but the idea somehow slipped my mind. Continue reading “Mascarpone Icecream n cashew praline”

Vanilla custard pie

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site de rencontre pour personne seropositive Custard is an easy to make dessert that I remember my mom making frequently while I was small. Whenever I craved for Icecream, the vanilla custard she made would do the trick – made me happy and her job easier. Continue reading “Vanilla custard pie”