Caramel custard pudding

go to link A melt in the mouth Custard….

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forex currency index indicator mt4 I lo….ve eggs – undoubtedly a baker’s best friend. It imparts body and flavour to almost anything it is added to. I in fact start panicking when the supply of eggs in my pantry starts to reduce. Continue reading “Caramel custard pudding”

Whoopie Pie with vanilla cream cheese frosting

hook up propane wall heater A filling sweet treat. Of all the areas that Globalization has truly affected, it’s the food industry that has undergone the biggest transformation. Every other day one can find food outlets pop up in different parts of the country serving global cuisine. Continue reading “Whoopie Pie with vanilla cream cheese frosting”

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Vanilla Ice-cream

source url Yummy Vanilla Icecream ready in a jiffy.

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source link I love Ice-cream. .well…who doesn’t rite. But if what you love so much comes with all these added Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Artificial flavourings, Colouring agents and what not…huh.. gets quite depressing and scary. So it’s more of the additives that we consume than the actual milk and cream. Continue reading “Vanilla Ice-cream”

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