Trifle pudding

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A Trifle is a mix n match of humble ingredients that could up the level of an ordinary dessert into gourmet level.

If u have few bits n pieces of cakes, biscuits n fruits handy, n in no mood to bake, Trifle pudding is definitely the one to try. Had been planning to make a Trifle pudding from sometime, but was short of resources for it n dint want to bake a  cake just for the sake of making a Trifle.

I happened to make a pastry yesterday. So made a small sponge cake with the leftover batter. This layered with custard, cubed apples n topped with whipped cream, got a delicious Trifle all ready to devour.( Btw I had leftover whipped cream only to fill one dessert cup..the one topped with pink n the rest was topped with the remaining custard)

If u have few ingredients handy, Trifle pudding is just an assembling job. Here goes the recipe for delicious Trifle pudding.

Trifle pudding


  • Milk – 500 ml.
  • Sugar – 100 gms.
  • Custard powder – 35 gms.
  • Unsalted butter – 20 gms.
  • Sponge cake – 50 gms. cubed
  • Apple – 1 cubed
  • Vanilla essence – 1/2 tsp.
  • Whipping cream
  • Jam

Recipe steps:

    1. Take custard powder in a bowl n add 3 tbsp. milk to it from the 500 ml. milk n mix thoroughly.
    2. IMG 20200419 100822 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 102417 300x225 - Trifle pudding
    3. Boil the remaining milk with sugar in a saucepan. Now add the custard milk to the boiling milk n whisk thoroughly without forming lumps.
    4. IMG 20200419 102739 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 103342 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 103854 300x225 - Trifle pudding
  1. Transfer the custard into a mixing bowl, add butter n whisk.
    1. IMG 20200419 104034 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 104133 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 104916 300x225 - Trifle pudding
    2. Once the custard gets to room temperature add vanilla essence, whisk n keep aside.
    3. IMG 20200419 110400 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 110717 300x225 - Trifle pudding
    4. Now it’s just the assembling part. While the custard is getting cooled, cut the apples n cake into small cubes. Also whip the whipping cream into stiff peaks n keep it refrigerated.
    5. IMG 20200419 104948 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 110830 300x225 - Trifle pudding
    6. Start assembling the Trifle pudding by layering the base with a spoonful of custard. Further top with cake cuts n apple cubes on top.
    7. IMG 20200419 111219 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 111244 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 111339 300x225 - Trifle pudding
    8. Repeat this layering twice again with custard-cake-apple. N finally top up with whipped cream n add a dash of jam on top. Serve chilled. I could make 5 mini Trifle puddings with the above measurements.
    9. IMG 20200419 112358 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200420 102901 300x225 - Trifle puddingIMG 20200419 225703 300x225 - Trifle pudding

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