Honey cupcakes

follow Enjoy the sweetness of honey in every bite 🙂

enter It was during my college days that I got to have the first taste of a Honey cake. We were a group of 5 besties and used to carry along any spl. treats made at home. One of the girl’s happened to bring with her a honey cake made by her mom and it was such a hit among us, so much so that we literally bickered for the final bits and pieces. 🙂 Continue reading “Honey cupcakes”


Scottish shortbread biscuits

busco mujer soltera en honduras Take a shortbread break !!

go here If you are a baking newbie and is in the search of an easy recipe to bake, this is your answer. Here is an easy and fool-proof shortbread biscuit that could be prepped and baked in less than half an hour.
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Caramel custard pudding

http://arbhojpuri.com/?b=where-to-buy-generic-cialis-safely A melt in the mouth Custard….

rencontre avec des femmes canadiennes I lo….ve eggs – undoubtedly a baker’s best friend. It imparts body and flavour to almost anything it is added to. I in fact start panicking when the supply of eggs in my pantry starts to reduce. Continue reading “Caramel custard pudding”


Strawberry Choco chip Muffins

opcje binarne handel Its Muffin time….. 🙂

funny things to put in your dating profile This is yet another mid-evening snack that is close to my heart. It is that time of a day when I love to have something yummy and filling and this perfectly slides into that category.  Continue reading “Strawberry Choco chip Muffins”


Cherry Cheese cake shorties

http://90daygreatbody.com/?kuid=pakistan-open-market-currency-rates-live&8e0=de Enjoy this cheesy delight !!!

full dating format Cherries are not my favourite. For that matter I do not like any berries in particular mainly due to their striking sourness. Continue reading “Cherry Cheese cake shorties”


Whoopie Pie with vanilla cream cheese frosting

A filling sweet treat.

roxithromycin genericon 300mg Of all the areas that Globalization has truly affected, it’s the food industry that has undergone the biggest transformation. Every other day one can find food outlets pop up in different parts of the country serving global cuisine. Continue reading “Whoopie Pie with vanilla cream cheese frosting”



benadryl 10mg tablets Experience joy in every bite of this yummy Brownie.

bactrim 400 mg Brownie!!!   I never will forget the first time I tasted one. It was so yummm that I wanted to immediately bake it at home. But always stayed away from making one thinking that it is gonna be tough to make something so yummy. Surprisingly it turned out to be very easy to make and comes out flawless every time. So I would say this one is definitely for those who are beginners in baking.  Continue reading “Brownie”