About Us

Hi guys…. Welcome to my sweet den, dessertdelicacies.com. I am Neeraja the creator of this website. Everything you find on this e-site is done solely by me- i.e., cooking, taking pics, recipe write ups, editing and the online uploading. And of course my dear brother helped me with the proof reading and my dear hubby was there to encourage me throughout.

I am a foodie and love to feast on any sweet that comes my way. I love to cook and when I say cook I specifically mean anything sweet . I get these sudden sweet cravings and try to cook something out of whatever I have handy. And to top it all my 2-year-old boy seems to have got the same liking for small sweet treats as me.

So friends, here you can find recipes that are tried and tested in my kitchen and are close to my heart. I have taken utmost care to use healthy and fresh ingredients for my cooking – but then again when you speak about anything sweet, the health factor does fall behind a little on its own. So as I said this site is for people like me who have a sweet tooth and enjoys food without any inhibitions. 

Adding on I would say this site is for all you cooking newbies out there. The recipes posted are very easy to make with ingredients that are handy. 

For any queries feel free to contact me at neerajaarun@gmail.com

Happy cooking…