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Whether you are an ardent baker or someone who bakes just for the fun of it, there are certain must haves in your pantry before you give it a go.

Often we plan to bake and happen to cancel the idea due to the absence of certain baking supplies esp. those recipes that call for certain specific measurements and specialized baking instruments.

So here are those items that are a must have in a baker’s kitchen:

1. OTG – Oven Toaster & Griller – This is a basic necessity for any kind of baking. Though you could also use a convection microwave oven, the better option would be to go for an OTG as it provides the best baking results.

2. Electric beater – Yet another device that makes baking easier. With many dessert recipes calling for whipping, a beater makes the job easier. Although manual beater or whisk could do light whipping jobs, heavy whipping requires the usage of an electric beater.

3. Digital weighing scale – Dessert making calls for accuracy and nothing beats the usage of a digital weighing scale. A must have I have to say.

4. Cake tin – A basic aluminum cake tin is all that is needed here. A base detachable one would make it all the more versatile. You could also use springform, glassware or silicone baking tins that are trending these days. I use aluminum cake tin, as this could be used both in an Otg as well as in a Cooker.

5. Cup cake/Muffin moulds – You could either go for metallic muffin tray/individual silicon muffin cups. I prefer using silicon moulds since smaller and larger sized moulds could be used together on a baking tray.

6. Piping bag – If you love Icing your cake, go for a piping bag. These could also come handy while making macaroon, meringue or many other varieties of desserts. Or you could also take a baking paper, make it into triangular shape and cut off the tip depending on the size of the hole needed.

7. Mixing bowl – A glass mixing bowl (min. of 1.3ltr capacity) is preferable. Smaller bowl sizes would make whipping and making larger quantities difficult.

8. Measuring cups – Many recipes including in what I post these days, measurements will be provided in cups. With cups at home kitchens varying in sizes, it is advisable to go for standardized measuring cups readily available in the market. May that be 1/4th/ 1/3rd/ 1/2/ 1 cup, all of them are easily available. 

9. Measuring spoons – Just like measuring cups, spoons are equally important for the role they play in cooking. With N no. of random spoon sizes available, it is important to go for the right standardized measuring spoons. Ranging from 1/8th to 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp., all the needed sizes are available in stores.

10. Parchment paper – Parchment/baking paper could be used instead of greasing the baking tray, thus making the surface oil-free and making it easier to clean up as well. 🙂 I use Uni-wrap papers by Oddy. This along with being a good wrapping paper, makes an excellent baking paper material as well.

11. Cling film – This could really come handy while making cookies. Any leftover cookie dough could be kept covered with a cling film and refrigerated without losing its freshness.

12. Silicon spatula – This with its flexible head, helps in mixing the batter thoroughly and evenly.

13. Pastry brush – Helps in evenly greasing the surface.

( All the above mentioned baking supplies are available online. You can find the Amazon affiliate link for all of these items on this page.)

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