Chocolate overload pudding

Let’s get high on chocolate!!!

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It’s been almost couple of months since I last shared a post. We moved to a new place n thus a lot of changes on the personal front that kept me away from trying out anything new. Finally back into my groove n hoping to post recipes every week from now on🤞🤞

This one is for all those Chocolate lovers n will definitely get u into a Chocolate high!! If u have a kiddo gang at home this is the one to try. Easy to make, this is how to go abt. the nutty topped Chocolate overload pudding.

Chocolate overload pudding recipe
( 1 cup – 250ml.,1 tbsp – 15 ml.,1 tsp.- 5 ml.)

  • Dark chocolate – 50 gms.(grated)
  • White/milk chocolate – 100 gms.(grated)
  • Whipping cream – 100 ml.
  • Gelatin – 1/5 tsp.
  • Water – 1tsp.
  • Dry fruits/nuts – 2 tsp.( Chopped)

Recipe steps:

  1. Grate dark n white chocolates n melt seperately in a double boiler /microwave.
  2. IMG 20210103 155709 300x225 - Chocolate overload puddingIMG 20210103 165736 300x225 - Chocolate overload pudding
  3. Add gelatin to 1 tsp. of water n keep aside for 10 mins. for it to bloom.
  4. IMG 20210103 163258 300x225 - Chocolate overload puddingIMG 20210103 163647 300x225 - Chocolate overload pudding
  5. Once it has soaked all the liquid keep on a pan of water on heat n stir till the gelatin completely dissolves without any grains. Take off the heat n let it come to room temperature.
  6. IMG 20210103 164703 300x225 - Chocolate overload pudding
  7. Meanwhile take whipping cream in a bowl. Once cool, add the gelatin to the cream n whisk to incorporate.
  8. IMG 20210103 165221 300x225 - Chocolate overload puddingIMG 20210103 165601 300x225 - Chocolate overload puddingIMG 20210103 165637 300x225 - Chocolate overload pudding
  9. Distribute the whipping cream equally with both the melted chocolates n stir to combine thoroughly. If the chocolate has stiffened by now you could keep it back on the double boiler setup n stir till it smoothens up.
  10. IMG 20210103 170937 300x225 - Chocolate overload pudding
  11. Now layer dessert cups or juice glasses with alternating layers of dark n white chocolate n let it set. Wait for a layer to set before pouring in the next layer.
  12. IMG 20210103 171322 300x225 - Chocolate overload puddingIMG 20210103 171442 300x225 - Chocolate overload pudding
  13. Finally top with coarsely chopped dry fruits n nuts. Serve chilled.
    IMG 20210103 180713 300x276 - Chocolate overload pudding

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