French Macaron

The magical Macaron..?

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Here is a sweet treat that tricks me every time I make it The ‘French Macaron’. It is at times sloppy, at times dry n develop cracks. So this dessert requires absolute perfection rite from step 1.

Let me brief few points before getting into recipe details.

  • The bowls n spatula used should be squeaky clean.
  • Use non-refrigerated eggs.
  • If using home made Almond meal, use well dried blanched Almonds. I dry out my blanched almonds almost for a day on the counter top before using.
  • Grind the well dried almonds along with Icing sugar thus avoiding the formation of Almond butter.
  • The batter needs to reach that perfect flowing stage before filling into the piping bag. Nothing less or more. Do not fold beyond the free flowing stage.
  • Pipe the Macarons with straight hands perpendicular to the surface. If piped at even a slight angle, the Macarons would turn out sloppy n not develop the feet.
  • Finally it would be a good idea to go for a Macaron sheet as Macarons made on baking/parchment paper may not give the right result if you do not have perfect piping skills. I have not been successful with baking on Parchment paper. So would recommend investing in one.

French Macaron recipe


( 1tsp.- 5ml )

  1. Almond meal – 70 gms.
  2. Icing sugar – 65 gms.
  3. Egg white – 50 gms.
  4. Granular sugar – 45 gms.
  5. Cream of tartar – 1/8 tsp.
  6. Salt – 1/8 tsp.
  7. Almond essence – Few drops
  8. Gel Colour – Pink few drops

Recipe steps:

  1. Grind blanched almonds along with Icing sugar to a super fine powder in a mixer. Sift over a fine sieve.
  2. IMG 20200304 145625 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 150430 300x225 - French Macaron
  3. Sieve for a couple of times more and discard all the particles that remain on the sieve.
  4. IMG 20200304 150509 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 152319 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 152742 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 154213 300x225 - French Macaron
  5. After 3 sievings transfer the Almond meal-Icing sugar mix into a clean glass bowl.
  6. IMG 20200304 154231 300x225 - French Macaron
  7. Weigh the required egg whites into a clean bowl and whip till frothy.
  8. IMG 20200304 154842 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 164626 300x225 - French Macaron
  9. Once the egg whites get frothy, add salt n cream of tartar and whip to get smooth peaks.
  10. IMG 20200304 164809 300x225 - French Macaron
  11. At this point add  colour and granular sugar little by little and whip till very stiff peaks are formed. It took me almost 5 mins. of constant whipping to reach the required stiff consistency. Not just stiff very stiff.
  12. IMG 20200304 165128 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 165257 300x225 - French Macaron
  13. Add the Almond mix little by little n fold with lite folding movements.
  14. IMG 20200304 171852 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 172015 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 172045 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 172102 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 172133 300x225 - French Macaron
  15. Fold till the Macaron batter flows freely without a break and you could form the shape of no.8 with the batter as in the pic.
  16. IMG 20200304 172335 300x225 - French Macaron
  17. Do not mix beyond this stage. Transfer the batter into a piping bag fitted with a round nozzle. Pipe the batter holding the piping tip perpendicular to the Macaron sheet.
  18. IMG 20200304 172725 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 173317 300x225 - French Macaron
  19. To even out the tip that is formed and to remove any air bubbles trapped inside, bang the board on a level surface till the surface appears smooth. Any more tiny bubbles that are trapped can be popped using a sharp pin as shown in the pic.
  20. IMG 20200304 173707 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 174755 300x225 - French Macaron
  21. Rest the Macarons to dry out completely till it looses it’s shine n becomes quite opaque, smooth n non-sticky to touch. Approx. 20-30 mins. depending on the humidity.
  22. IMG 20200304 181418 300x225 - French Macaron
  23. Bake at 150C for 15 mins./till the Macarons develop feet n the surface feels hard to touch. Use your favourite filling on the Macaron shells and refrigerate. I have used Peanut butter filling in my Macarons. 
  24. IMG 20200305 133339 300x225 - French MacaronIMG 20200304 195339 300x225 - French Macaron

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