Nutty sweet sandwich

Easy fun breaktime munchie ..

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Here is the recipe for easy snack box Nutty sweet sandwiches. Filled with the goodness of dates, nuts n cheese these Sandwiches are a satisfying munching option esp. for little ones.

Quick to make with minimal prep. these Nutty munchies will surely bring a smile on Ur little one’s faces.

The condensed milk that is used here is the leftover of the Instant homemade condensed milk that I used in my previous recipe of Whole wheat Almond oat cookies. You could use ready made condensed milk as well. Here goes the recipe.👇 

Nutty sweet sandwich recipe


(1 cup – 240 ml.)

  • Dates chopped – 1/2 cup
  • Cashews – 1/4 cup ( heaped)
  • Condensed milk – 1/4 cup
  • Cheese grated – 1/4 cup
  • Sandwich bread – 6 slices

Recipe steps 

  1. Roast the cashews n grind to a coarse texture in a mixer.
  2. IMG 20210129 183454 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwichIMG 20210129 183703 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwichIMG 20210129 183801 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwichIMG 20210129 183854 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwich
  3. Add this along with all the other filling ingredients into a mixing bowl. (Since I have used homemade instant condensed milk the texture is thicker as compared to the readymade one)
  4. IMG 20210129 182958 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwichIMG 20210129 184127 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwichIMG 20210129 184622 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwichIMG 20210129 185134 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwich
  5. Bring the mix together with Ur palm n rub in all the ingredients together.
  6. IMG 20210129 185409 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwich
  7. Take the 3 bread slices n apply equal portion of the filling spreading it evenly over the slices.
  8. IMG 20210129 185940 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwich
  9. Cover with the remaining slices, apply butter over the slices n grill over a pan or using sandwich maker. Cut each sandwich diagonally n serve warm.
  10. IMG 20210129 190028 300x225 - Nutty sweet sandwichIMG 20210130 001130 300x224 - Nutty sweet sandwich





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