Strawberry icecream

A creamy strawberry surprise

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An Icecream for the strawberry lovers and definitely for all those berry haters. I belong to the latter category and detest plain strawberries. The tartness that the berries offer is way beyond what my taste buds can handle. Having said that, I need to mention my strong liking for any strawberry based dessert, for the simple reason that, the same tartness in the strawberry that I dislike, balances out the sweetness, and provides the right amount of freshness to a dessert, upping them a level above any non-acidic fruity dessert.

With just under 5 mins. of prepping and 10 mins. of cooking involved, this delicious Strawberry icecream is worth giving a try. So here goes an easy recipe for the yummilicious Strawberry icecream.

Strawberry icecream recipe

Prep time: 5 mins.; Cooking time: 10 mins.

( Have taken 1 tbsp.=15 ml.)

  • Strawberries – 150 gms. (Wt. after hulling)
  • Full cream Milk – 500 ml.
  • Whipping cream – 200 ml.
  • Arrowroot powder/cornflour – 1 tbsp
  • Milk – 2 tbsp. (For mixing the arrowroot powder)
  • Sugar – 10 tbsp.


  • Take milk in a sauce pan and bring to boil.
  • Dissolve arrowroot powder in 2 tbsp. milk.
  • Add the arrowroot soln. to the boiled simmering milk.
  • Whisk till the arrowroot is well infused with the milk without any lumps.
  • Take the sauce pan off the heat and bring to room temperature.
  • Now take the hulled and cleaned strawberries in a mixer jar.
  • Add whipping cream, sugar and cooled milk to the jar.
  • Blitz to a fine creamy texture.
  • Pour into an icecream tub and freeze till well set.
  • Once set, remove the icecream from the tub and blitz once again in the mixer to remove any ice crystals.
  • Pour this creamy icecream once again into the icecream tub and re-freeze till it is well set.


  • I have used Arrowroot powder as the thickening agent as it doesn’t affect the taste of the icecream. It could be substituted with cornflour.
  • If you are in a hurry and need to cool the boiled milk immediately, transfer the boiled hot milk from the sauce pan to a bowl and whisk keeping on an Ice-bath.
  • It is the blitzing in the mixer for the second time that provides the icecream with the right amount of creaminess. Hence this step is not to be skipped.

Recipe steps:

  1. Take milk in a sauce pan and bring to boil.
  2. IMG 20170213 132616 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamIMG 20170213 133236 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamMix arrowroot powder in 2 tbsp. milk.
  3. IMG 20170213 132720 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamIMG 20170213 132822 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamAdd this to the simmering milk and infuse this without any lumps with the milk.
  4. IMG 20170213 133250 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamIMG 20170213 133618 1 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamTake the pan off the heat and keep aside till the milk comes to room temperature. Meanwhile, hull and clean the strawberries. Transfer to a mixer jar.
  5. IMG 20170213 135240 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamIMG 20170213 135850 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamAdd whipping cream, sugar and cooled milk to the jar.
  6. IMG 20170213 142638 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamIMG 20170213 142803 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamIMG 20170213 142847 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamBlitz to a fine creamy texture.
  7. IMG 20170213 143133 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamPour into the desired icecream tub and freeze till it sets.
  8. IMG 20170213 143623 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamOnce set, blitz the icecream again to remove all the ice crystals formed during freezing. Pour back into the tub and re-freeze till well set.
  9. IMG 20170214 144936 300x222 - Strawberry icecreamEnjoy the yummy and creamy Strawberry icecream.

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